Remington Main Street Hit’s The Ground Running!

RMS had a very productive meeting last night with board members and business partners present.

The Farmer’s Market is scheduled to start in May, but a kickoff date will be announced soon.   The market will be open from May to October on Saturday mornings from 8-12 and will be located in the parking lot between the Homestead and Angel’s in the heart of downtown.
The Design Committee  has come up with some ideas for doing some simple things to make Main Street’s presence known while we are waiting on the grant to go through.  Things they have come up with are putting together “Community Project Kits” with will include picking up litter, painting and cleaning up eyesores around town, planting flowers/landscaping visible corners in town.  The kit will be presented to residents and businesses in the community they will include: Definition of the project (specified area and job), Estimate of time required to complete the project, Supplies required, and some sort of reward or thank you for bettering the community.
Also they are proposing to use the current planters we have downtown and make them all uniform (including decorating them for the 500 competition) as well as making sure a volunteer can keep them watered and fertilized. This will make a beautiful visual impact in our downtown area.
A professional development luncheon will be held in the Tobias Center on Thursday March 31st from 11:30 – 1:00 pm for area business owners and managers.  The speaker is marketing expert Gunes Yilmaztuerk, Founder and CMO of Solle Coaching.  She will be speaking about using social media and online marketing to keep your business current and visible as well as empowering your business’s brand to reach more customers.  This event is hosted by Remington Main Street, Jasper County Economic Development Organization and RWCDC. There will be a $10 fee which will include lunch brought in by the Homestead.  RSVP’s are required, please see the Town of Remington website for more information or contact Rochelle Ward at 219-863-3928.
Casey Cannady of Cannady Consulting met with our group last night to discuss a website, things are coming together and we will be launching a Remington Main Street website soon.  Each board member will be equipped with a Remington Main Street email address which will make communicating with our organization easier. We will also be able to keep our meeting minutes and events calendar up to date.

If you wish to be a part of RMS, we meet every 3rd Thursday at 7:00 pm in the Tobias Center. We welcome residents, community leaders and business owners who have an interest in the value of our great community and a desire to make it better!


2 responses to “Remington Main Street Hit’s The Ground Running!

  1. Looking for a 5k to run/walk. Are there any in Remington or surrounding areas coming up?

  2. Susan, there will be a run I believe at the festival in June. I will find out some details for you.

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